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US House passes SELF DRIVE Act to accelerate adoption of self-driving technology

The House of Representatives on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved legislation designed to streamline rules governing self-driving cars. The legislation passed unanimously in a voice vote. Read More 

Self-Driving Trucks Could Be on Highways in 3 to 4 Years

Heavy-duty trucks that don’t need a driver behind the wheel could be on the road in as little as three years. Read More

Why Self-Driving Cards Need Superhuman Senses

The ultimate goal is to eliminate crashes all together, and to do that, cars will need to perfectly perceive and understand the world around them—they'll need superhuman senses. Read More

About Connected Auto

Convergence Promotions LLC, California PATH (Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology) and the institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, have partnered to advance the technologies that connect vehicles to the surrounding infrastructure and other vehicles. The goal of the partnership is to provide synergy and communications between academia, public institutions, automobile manufacturers and technology companies in the connected and autonomous vehicle industry.